Young Leaders



We pride ourselves on our strong theme of personal development and are aware of our responsibility to create leaders of the future. In doing so we want to be seen actively living out our vision of 


"Let all that you do be done in love" - 1 Corinthians - 16:14


As a result, we have a series of positions of responsibility within school which we encourage our student to apply for and undertake and in doing so develop essential skills for life. Our students thrive on this responsibility.


Ambassadors: We have 4 teams and each have 2 Ambassadors who are responsible for driving improvement within their teams, engaging students to be their very best and who act as an ongoing pupil voice for their respective teams.


Worship Leaders: Our daily worship is very important to us and we feel that it is crucial that our students are a key part of its success. Our leaders help with the practicalities of worship, plan and lead their own sessions and evaluate its effectiveness. 


Young Wellbeing Champions: The emotional weelbeing of all in school is very important to us. Our Young Wellbeing Champions are our eyes and ears in the playground and in class. They look out for people who are on their own or appear sad in the playground and monitor the Mood Monsters in each classroom. When they are concerned they then ask adults for help.


Eco Heroes: We all recognise the responsibility we have to look after our world and this group of students take an active role in this. From recycling crisp packets to making blankets for the homeless and educating the whole school on the benefits of cleaner air. 


Reading Buddies: This is avery popular job in school where some of our less confident students are supported in their reading.


Library Monitors: A love of reading is very important in our lives. These students enable us to choose high quality books for reading for pleasure and keeping our library in tip top condition. 


Health and Safety Officers: We understand the importance of safety and we believe we have a key role in ensuring it happens in school. We are a team who support Mrs Potter and our Governing Body in their roles in this area.