Church School

Our school is proud to be a Church of England school

We are very proud that we are a Church of England (VC) School.  We love sharing our services up at our Church, St Paul’s.

We celebrate this in a number of ways in school, some of which can be seen in our displays.  This is a picture of our school cross; it is made up of self portraits of every one of our children in school. It takes pride of place in our hall. This is our Christian Value display which was made by all classes in the school.  It shows all the values that are important to us and how they are also important to all people across the world. Our prayer tree is where we put the special prayers we would like to ask.  Anyone can add them and then they are used in our acts of worship.  After we use them we keep them in a special book.


We have a peace garden in our playground where we can sit quietly and think, play, read or even sometimes draw.  Our special pebbles lead the way up to it and our totem poles have been placed at the entrance.  Both the pebbles and totem pole show our graphical representation of what we believe Christian Values mean to us and have been produced by all classes in school. 


Our Core Values for 2019-2020 are Trust, Compassion, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Creativity and Wisdom.

Church School Documents