Our Staff

Mrs J Potter - Headteacher, Child Protection Officer and Designated Safeguarding Leader

Mrs S Brooke-Mawson - Deputy Headteacher, SENCo and Year 1 Teacher

Miss Z Patel - Class 1/Reception teacher

Miss O Wilson - Class 2 teacher

Mrs A Limon - Class 3 teacher

Miss L Nash - Class 4 teacher

Mrs S McGee - Class 5 teacher and First Aider

Mrs S Norton - PPA Teacher

Mrs G Brook - School Bursar

Mrs P Langdale - Teaching Assistant and Office Business Support


Mrs E Ryder - Teaching Assistant and First Aid

Mrs J Staves - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Pinfield - Cover Supervisor and Community Development Lead

Mrs E Firth - Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Judson - Teaching Assistant and Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr S Pollard - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Bottomley - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J McBurnie - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Froggett - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Webster - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Wardell - Cook
Mrs M Townsley - Cook

Mr G Gomersall - Caretaker

Mrs M Townsley - Cleaner