Class 5



Class 5 is a year 6 class taught by Mrs Norton and Mrs Limon.  Our class is supported by Mrs Staves.


Please have a look at our 'Welcome to Class 5 Presentation' to let you know what we will be doing in our class.


Being the oldest in school, we will be focusing on being good role models and working hard to achieve our best. We should now be demonstrating our growing independence and responsibility, making sure that we listen carefully, follow instructions and remember our belongings such as spellings, homework, reading logs and PE kits.


In Class 5, we agree to:

  • Always put 100% into all subjects.
  • Listen to and respect other people’s ideas, opinions and interests, even if they’re different to our own.
  • Concentrate on our work and leave other people to concentrate on theirs.
  • Follow instructions that are given to us straight away.
  • Put our hand up instead of getting out of our seat or shouting out.
  • Try and sort small problems out ourselves.
  • Have fun!







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Welcome to Class 5 - September 2020
Class 5 Information. Please find below details of the curriculum for this class.  Please contact the class teacher should you require further details.