Young Carers

Kirklees Young Carers Service work with children and young people aged 8-18 years
across Kirklees who are young carers. This means they are helping to care for
someone (usually in their family) who has an illness and/or disability. Our aim is to
reduce or remove the impacts that they face due to their caring role.
Some young carers can face challenges in school due to their caring role and, as
such, Hanging Heaton C of E (VC) J & I School has signed up to Kirklees Young
Carers School Policy (attached) to pledge to support them. This means we have a
named person in school who young carers can go directly to if they need support.
We call this a Designated Young Carers Worker. This is Mrs S Brooke-Mawson.
In June 2023, figures were released and showed that 38,983 children and young
people are recorded as young carers in schools across England. However, this
figure does not include unidentified young carers and so the reality will be much
If you believe that your child fits into this category, please contact either Mrs Potter
or Mrs Brooke-Mawson.