Sports Premium

Sports Premium Allocation 2019-2020


In the academic year 2019-2020, we received £17,180. We are planning on spending it in the following ways:


£6000 - 9 hours of curriculum support time.  Legacy sports coaches enhancing the provision, planning, delivery and assessment of PE across all classes in school by teaching children and working with school staff.

£2280 - 3 hours extra-curricular sports clubs to increase participation.

£1724 - 3 hours extra-curricular baking and cooking clubs to promote healthy eating.

£3000 - Lunchtime Support Assistant to support games during lunchtimes.

£3936 - 2 years of swimming curriculum for our key stage 2 children as opposed to the minimum 25 hours.

£240 – Year 5 Bikeability.


In our school, we are using this funding to work in partnership with Legacy Sport CIC and to increase opportunities for extra-curricular learning around fitness and health.


Together we aim to:

  • Increase the amount of competitive sport in which our children participate.
  • Develop links to community sports clubs and providers.
  • Promote leadership skills through sport and provide pathways for both talented children and those with special needs in sport.
  • Encourage maximum participation in physical activity and deliver health programmes to improve the wellbeing of our children.

Qualified PE instructors and sports coaches will work alongside class teachers and regular training will be provided for school staff.  Subsequently, our children will have the chance to learn new skills whilst teachers will learn new techniques to enhance their teaching of PE and sport. Our long term aim is higher quality PE and improved learning and fitness for children at our school.