Emotional Wellbeing


We have high expectations of our children academically, and at our school we understand that good mental health is a vital part of achieving this. We strive to support children’s mental health and wellbeing.  We do this through
strengthening children’s ability to cope with day-to-day difficulties – and helping them to feel good about themselves.  We help them to develop social and emotional skills to help them understand and manage their feelings, develop empathy, establish positive relationships, set goals, build resilience and boost self-esteem and confidence.


As children spend so much of their time in schools, teachers, support staff and lunchtime supervisors are in a prime
position to help children build strong mental health and wellbeing - and also spot if something is wrong.  All members of staff are trained in supporting positive emotional wellbeing.  Every interaction between a child and a staff member has to help, because anyone can hold a part of the jigsaw that could support a struggling child to move forward.


We acknowledge that around three children in every primary school class has an identifiable mental health condition – and among this age group, boys are twice as likely as girls to have a mental health problem.

The following resources are a collection of our school policies and links to local support. Simply click on each item to find out more. Please remember that if you need someone to talk to then our door is always open and we will listen, not judge and help where we can. Mrs Brooke-Mawson is a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aiders but you are welcome to speak to any member of staff you feel comfortable with.


My Happy Mind


As a whole school program grounded in science and dedicated to building positive mental wellbeing, MyHappymind helps children understand how their brains work and creates a culture that helps to build children's resilience, confidence and self-esteem. MyHappymind also teaches the children how to self-regulate and manage their motions in stressful times, allowing them to be their very best selves!


Learn more here: https://myhappymind.org/


Parent App Video link https://myhappymind.lpages.co/myhappymind-parent-app-introduction/


Mental Health Support Teams Trailblazer


We are delighted to have been chosen to take part in a national pilot run by the Department for education and the NHS. 

This pilot has recruited a number of Education Mental Health Practitioners who will work with schools to support children who have mild to moderate mental health issues. This approach will hopefully give children the support early on, when they need it most and reduce the number of referrals for severe mental health issues for teenagers and young adults. 

This new provison is in addition to what is already available from CAMHS and ChEWS, and will not replace it. 

We are looking forward to being part of this pilot and will keep our families updated as we find out more over the next two years.


Our Mental Health Support Team have created a series of bitesize, introductory videos around understanding and supporting children's mental health and emotional wellbeing.  These videos are aimed at young people and their grown ups and are best watched together to promote conversations around mental health.  If support is required for a child or young person, then please speak to our Emotional Wellbeing Lead in school who is Mrs Brooke-Mawson.


When you click on the link it should automatically start downloading the video which can then be saved and shared.


These videos focus on an Introduction to Mental Health.  

Key Stage 1: https://nhcft.uk/videos/What%20is%20mental%20health%20-%20Primary%20KS1%20(Alice).mp4


Key Stage 2: https://nhcft.uk/videos/What%20is%20mental%20health%20-%20Primary%20KS2%20(Alice).mp4


This video focusses on Transition Back to School





Please click the link below to download information on Health and Wellbeing support groups